Media contacts

RBS Media Relations

The RBS Media Relations teams are the primary spokespeople for RBS. We provide a 24hour service to journalists. Journalists calling out of office hours with an urgent query for the Media Relations team should call +44 (0)131 523 4205

A full list of media contacts, broken down by business, can be found below. The media team can only deal with enquiries from journalists. Customers should contact our general switchboard on 0131 556 8555, or see Customer contacts and frequently asked questions.

Name                    Phone
Chris Turner

Head of RBS Media Relations
  +44 20 7672 4515

RBS Media desk

The RBS media desk deals with reputational media issues affecting the bank as well as the key events in the calendar including financial reporting, regulatory announcements and general press issues across the bank.  

Name Phone

Linda Harper

Head of RBS Media Desk 

 +44 131 525 0382

James Abbott

Media Relations Manager

 +44 131 523 4205

Andrew Horne

Media Relations Manager

 +44 20 7672 1981

UK Personal Banking Media Desk 

The Personal Banking Media desk deals with all enquiries relating to individual customers, and personal banking products for RBS and NatWest.

Name Phone
Sarah Binnie

Head of Personal Banking Media Desk
 +44 131 626 6964
Debbie Phillips

Personal Banking Media Relations Manager

 +44 20 7672 2978
Sean Palmer

Personal Banking Media Relations Manager
 +44 20 7672 2045

Commercial Banking Media Desk

The Commercial Media desk deals with all enquiries relating to commercial and mid-corporate business customers.

Name Phone

Sarah Davies

Head of Commercial & Private Media Desk

+44 20 7672 3404
Sophie Kydd

Media Relations Manager
+44 20 7672 1692

Ben Jun-tai

Media Relations Manager

+44 20 7672 2127

Corporate & Institutional Banking 

The Corporate & Institutional Banking Media Team are the spokespeople for our wholesale banking business serving large corporate and institutional clients trading around the world.

Name Phone
Zoë Gray

Head of International Banking Media Relations
+44 20 7672 1922
Rebecca Nelson

Media Relations Director, Markets
+44 20 7672 1904
Adam Durchslag

Media Relations Manager, International Banking
+44 20 7672 1912


The Media Campaigns desk deals with longer-term projects, events, visits and proactive initiatives across the bank.  

Name Phone
Matthew Evans

Head of Media Campaigns
+44 20 7672 3804
Nicky Harris

Media Campaigns Manager
+44 20 7672 3871


The Coutts team is responsible for protecting and enhancing the Coutts brand with the national, regional and international media in which Coutts operates. 

Name Phone

Joanna Thorne

Media Relations Manager

+44 055 1657 7725

Ulster Bank

Ulster Bank media team deal with media enquiries relating to all the various business divisions of Ulster Bank across the island of Ireland.

Name Phone

Pauline Dooley

Senior Media Relations Manager

+353  1 884 7032

Niall Caldwell

Media Relations Consultant

+44 289 027 6845

Naomi Steen

Media Relations Manager

+353 1 608 4576


Asia Pacific media team are the primary spokespeople for RBS in region

Name Phone

Ronald Wong

Head of Communication & Marketing Asia Pacific

+852 2966 2450