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Reproducing banknotes

Thanks to their attractive designs and extraordinary history, there is often demand to reproduce images of our banknotes in advertising, books, drama productions, exhibitions and other media.

Anyone wishing to reproduce our banknotes must apply for prior written consent. This applies to:

  • All present and past note issues of The Royal Bank of Scotland itself
  • All post-1708 note issues of banks acquired by RBS Group
  • All reproductions on any substance and on any scale, including modified or distorted reproductions
  • Reproductions of any part of a banknote

Useful guidelines

Our guidelines describe the kind of reproductions which are likely to be acceptable, and the process for securing consent. View the guidelines (PDF 138KB).

Apply for permission

To apply for permission to reproduce one of our banknotes, complete and return an application form. Open our application form (PDF 32KB).


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