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Creating a healthy culture

We understand that our long term performance is reliant on a healthy culture and the engagement of our colleagues, underpinned by robust risk behaviours.   

Our Values guide the way we identify the right people to serve our customers well, and how we manage, engage and reward our colleagues.  They’re at the heart of both Our Standards (the bank wide behavioural framework) and Our Code (the bank wide Code of Conduct).

To make sure we really live our values we reinforce them in our policies and processes, our communications, training and leadership role modelling.  


How we measure our progress

We monitor our progress against our goals. We gather feedback from our colleagues, and through metrics and key performance indicators to assess our progress and respond accordingly. We do this along with feedback from regulators and industry bodies.

Almost 63,000 colleagues completed our most recent colleague survey. The results showed we’re changing the culture of the bank for the better. We remain above the global financial services norm for wellbeing, our inclusion scores continue to improve and there is a strong sense that managers act consistently with Our Values. But some of the scores have fallen. Scaling down RBS and dealing with some difficult legacy issues have left us with lower scores in engagement, pride and leadership, compared to 2015. 




We encourage colleagues to tell us what they think via the annual survey and our regular comments boards. Where colleagues wish to report concerns relating to wrong doing or misconduct they can raise concerns via Speak Up, the bank’s whistleblowing service. In 2016 213 cases were raised* compared to 142 in 2015.

*Limited assurance provided by Ernst & Young LLP.
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