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Sustainable Banking At RBS

We are making steady progress in our mission to build a more sustainable and responsible bank.

We consider the long-term impacts of our decisions and actions. Our enterprise and financial education programmes are making a difference to our customers and communities.

Continuing to live by our values and providing simple and fair banking will help us to build trust for the long term.  These pages tell the story of our journey.

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Kirsty Britz, Director of Sustainable Banking


As technological, social and environmental changes shape the world, it’s important to stay connected with our customers’ needs and the wider expectations of our stakeholders.

Our external stakeholder engagement programme helps us to shape our future strategy, and design products and services to deliver value for customers and society more broadly.

Our approach to managing sustainability focuses on identifying the issues that matter to our stakeholders. Every year we assess the importance of these issues both in terms of their relevance to our stakeholders (including customers, investors, UK government, employees and civil society) and their potential commercial impact on us.

Transparency in reporting

For many years we have prioritised transparency and openness in our reporting. This is the second year that we have published a combined Strategic Report, which aims to address some of the most important influences in our operating environment. These considerations, driven by a mixture of direct commercial impact and stakeholder interest have the potential to influence our ability to serve customers and create value for the long term.

In the future, we plan to go further by reporting more information that helps us and our stakeholders understand our performance.

We are also deepening our commitment to supporting financial capability and enterprise in the UK and Ireland, through a range of partnerships and initiatives. These include MoneySense – our 23-year financial education programme for 5 to 18 year olds – and Entrepreneurial Spark for new businesses.

Sustainability is also helping us shape our culture for the better. Our ‘Yes Check’ was introduced five years ago, and continues to be used to guide decision making across the businesses. Our employee volunteering and fundraising partnerships continue to make a difference for the communities we serve, help to restore colleague pride in RBS, and build trust in the organisation.

We are making progress towards embedding sustainability across our organisation. We know there is more to do, and throughout 2018 we will continue to listen and change for the better.

Kirsty Britz, Director of Sustainable Banking

Information about our external assurance
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