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Responsible Business

We’re committed to running the bank as a sustainable and responsible business, serving today’s customers in a way that also helps future generations. We meet regularly with NGOs, governments and other stakeholders to understand how we can generate long-term value for them.

Kirsty Britz, Director of Sustainable Banking


Being a responsible business means serving customers in a way that helps them and future generations. 

To make this happen, we need to run our bank efficiently and ethically. We must make sure our conduct is exemplary and our risk management is robust. Our commitment to the environment, our partners and society more broadly must reflect our broader ambition.

The diverse awards we have received over the last year – ranging from recognition for our responsible waste management, to our work educating young people about managing their finances – have reinforced our determination to make a difference for our customers, businesses, communities and the environment. This is the best way for us to achieve our ambitions.

Above infographic represents a sample of 2017 highlights.

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