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Technology transformation

Since 2012 we’ve invested a lot of time and money into making our technology resilient, simple, efficient and innovative.  Selected highlights include:

  • Our critical customer banking systems were available for over 99.9% of the time during 2016.
  • Our NatWest Mobile Banking App was the first in the UK to be accredited by the Royal National Institute for the Blind.
  • We have over 4.2 million mobile app users and supported increased mobile app users with no service disruption.
  • We’ve simplified our mobile app product menu, resulting in a significant increase in successful applications for loans, credit cards and overdrafts.
  • Our customer’s mortgage experience is now much simpler as we’ve taken 40 minutes out of the mortgage application process.
  • Our digital customers are now using Android Pay - with over 3,200 customers downloading the app in the first 48 hours.
  • We’ve introduced Calling Line Identity for over 35,669 customer facing colleagues, meaning our customers don’t receive ‘number withheld’ or ‘unknown’ messages when we get in touch.
  • We are leading the industry by piloting a virtual assistant with a personality of its own to help serve customers better.
  • And we’ve introduced new anti phishing email security measures that have reduced attempts by fraudsters to mimic the bank’s emails by 93%.
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Case study - Digital banking

The bank is investing in its digital channels to make it simpler to serve its customers and easier for them to do business with us. We now have 4.2 million customers regularly using our mobile app, 19% higher than a year ago. Helped by the introduction of Touch ID for both Apple and Android users, many customers now exclusively use digital banking for their day to day banking needs. In 2016, we more than doubled the number of products sold through our mobile app compared with 2015. NatWest customers can now apply for personal loans, credit cards and overdrafts via the mobile app.

We continually look for ways to improve our digital offering for customers and the recently launched award-winning DigiDocs service* has massively reduced the online loan application process for customers from an average of 11 days to less than 24 hours.

We have also been accredited by the RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) for improvements to our voice over mode to help partially sighted and blind people make the most of our mobile banking app.

In addition to our digital channels RBS UK PBB continues to provide multiple physical channels for serving customers, including access to a network of c. 11,500 Post Office branches and 39 mobile banking vans alongside our existing network of 1,315 branches and 4,437 ATMs.

*DigiDocs allows personal and small business customers who are unable to receive an instant application decision and need to provide supporting documents, to upload any type of document, of any size, from any device, any time and anywhere. 
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