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Accessible banking

The ways people manage their money has changed a lot over the last decade – mainly because of how quickly technology has developed.

We’re a proactive bank, so we’re always looking for new ways to give our customers more control over how, when and where they do their banking. We’re making more products and services available through our mobile app – including personal loans, credit cards and standing orders. 

Our customers have lots of ways to contact us and to access their accounts. For example through:

  • Branches (and mobile branches)
  • Online banking
  • Telephone
  • ATMs and CDMs (cash deposit machines)
  • Webchat
  • Community bankers
  • The Post Office

As well as branches, we’ve invested heavily in new online and mobile channels, to make sure they’re delivering what our customers want. 

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Reducing the social impact of branch closures

With so many ways to bank electronically, physical branches aren’t as essential as they once were. But they’re still important for several things, like opening accounts and dealing with more complex services.


Closing a branch is always a difficult decision. It’s not one we take lightly. So when we do close a branch, we not only follow the Access to Banking Protocol – a set of rules created by banks, stakeholders, trade associations and the UK Government, we exceed them. For example, we now give customers 6 months notice, rather than the 3 months required in the protocol.


Staying accessible in areas with no branches

◦  We offer banking services in c. 11,500 Post Office branches across the UK.

◦  We have 39 mobile banking vans across the UK. They travel over 13,900 miles each week, making 766 stops and serving 632 communities. During 2016 we introduced new routes serving Cheltenham, South East Wales, Hampshire, the South Downs and the West Highland coast of Scotland.


Improving our branches and opening new ones

◦  During 2016, we invested over £36m to improve 48 branches. These branches now have the latest self-service machines, including specific options for business customers. They also have consultation spaces for more detailed conversations with customers.

◦  We have an existing network of 1,315 branches in the UK.
◦  We now offer free Wifi at over 1,200 RBS and NatWest branches.
◦  757 branches now have Digital Zones where customers can sign up for and access our digital banking services.
◦  We’ve opened new branches in 2016, including our first branch in a railway station (Manchester Piccadilly).




Our ATM network

•  We have 4,437 ATMs across the UK. And we have over 1,000 remote ATMs enabling us to serve our customers where they live, work and travel.
•  Since 2015, we’ve been working with key partners including Network Rail to install 45 new ATMs in high footfall areas. We’ve also rolled out more than 300 quick-deposit machines specifically for our non-personal customers.

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