What this means for customers

What this means for customers

The majority of customers will bank with our ring-fenced banks using the same accounts, products and services that they use today.

For those customers where there may be any difference in products, or how we provide them, we will be in touch to explain this fully.


RBS customers:

Customers of RBS plc today will see the majority of their banking transfer to Adam & Company plc which will be renamed The Royal Bank of Scotland plc (1). Whilst this will represent a change of legal entity, it will not require a change to account details, bank cards or online banking services which will all stay the same.

NatWest customers:

If you’re a NatWest customer nothing will change in terms of your day to day banking.(2)

Complex derivatives customers:

Customers with products that are not permitted inside the ring-fence e.g. complex derivatives, will see these remain with RBS plc (and therefore become NatWest Markets Plc in due course).

Relevant Financial Institutions (RFIs) customers:

A small number of customers who are identified as RFI’s and who have products that are not permitted to remain inside the ring-fence e.g. lending, will be offered these products from RBS International or NatWest Markets.

Funds customers:

Funds customers will be invited to move their banking to RBS International, our funds centre of excellence within RBS.

NatWest Markets customers:

NatWest Markets will continue to provide financing, risk management and trading solutions from outside the ring-fence.


All customers will continue to benefit from the same high standard of service that they do today and will be able to access a comprehensive suite of products and services to meet their banking needs.


(1) Transfer for Western Europe customers to be confirmed.

(2) Any NatWest customers who are identified as Relevant Financial Institutions (RFIs) will be contacted about any ring-fencing impacts.


What this means for customers

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