Further information

Further information

Should you be affected by our ring-fencing plans we will be in touch in plenty of time to explain what the changes are and how we will support you.


Our announcements

15 May 2018

Update on ring-fencing plans

30 April 2018 

Successful implementation of the first RFTS  

22 March 2018

Update on ring-fencing plans

3 January 2017 

Ring-fencing Legal Entity Transfers

30 September 2016
RBS Announces Proposed Future Ring-Fenced Legal Entity Structure and Investment in Customer Brands


Other announcements

24 September 2016

The Government launched their own site on ring-fencing

10 November 2016
The Financial Conduct Authority has launched their own page, explaining more about ring-fencing.

For more information on FSCS cover please visit www.fscs.org.uk

The Bank of England ring-fencing website can be found here.

Protect yourself from fraud

At a time when changes are happening in the banking industry, you should be especially wary of banking and online account scams.

Steps you can take to protect yourself include:

  • Beware of calls out of the blue claiming to be from your bank
  • Remember, we will not call or email you asking for your personal information, account details or PIN for your bank or credit card
  • If you receive a call asking for this information, end the call immediately
  • It is best to call your bank back using the number on your card or bank statement
  • For those customers who deal with invoices or business to business payments, if someone calls asking you to change an account number and sort code or change an existing payment template on payments you make, make sure you confirm their identity before you make any changes.

Find out more ways to protect yourself from banking and online account scams at:


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