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Collaborative models hold the key to success

Following the release of the NatWest UK Automotive PMI® report, Richard Hill, Head of Automotive & Manufacturing at NatWest, blogs about new collaborative models in the Automotive sector.

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Automotive sector: headwinds, changes and trends

Following the release of the NatWest UK Automotive PMI® report, Stephen Blackman, NatWest Principal Economist, blogs about the current state of the automotive industry.

Guest blog: Celebrating 100 years of working together to make sure children don’t just survive but thrive

The Save the Children Fund is one of NatWest’s largest charity clients. Hear from Kevin Watkins, Chief Executive of Save the Children UK, on the centenary of the charity and how their mission to fight for children is as vital as it was in 1919, when they were established and NatWest first opened a bank account for the charity.

A new evolution driven by the electric vehicle

Following the release of the NatWest UK Automotive PMI® report, Ian Isaac, Managing Director of RBS’ asset finance provider Lombard, blogs about a new evolution for vehicles in the asset finance world.

To win the fight against fraud and scams, it is vital to educate young people.

Primary school children in Currie, Edinburgh put on their detective hats last week to learn more about fraud and scams thanks to the Royal Bank of Scotland MoneySense programme. Les Matheson, CEO of Personal Banking, tells us why it’s so important to financially educate young people.

Guest blog: Encouraging a better work life balance

A new survey from Royal Bank of Scotland highlights the pressure people in Scotland are feeling as they struggle to balance life inside and outside of work. Dr Kate Orton-Johnson, Senior Lecturer at The University of Edinburgh, blogs about the survey’s findings, which also show that a third of young scots feel under pressure to live up to the lives they see on social media.

Guest blog: Career guidance for young people

Founder and CEO of National Careers Week Nick Newman blogs about how to help young people who are getting into work.

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