Developing colleagues through RBS Aspire

Developing colleagues through RBS Aspire

For National Careers Week, National Apprentice Manager Mike White blogs about how RBS employee-led network Aspire is helping employees learn new skills and build their network.

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Mike White
RBS National Apprentice Manager

06 March 2019

The Aspire network organises a range of networking and business spotlight events

The Aspire network organises a range of networking and business spotlight events

RBS Aspire is an employee-led network which is open to all colleagues and it’s for people who want to make the most of the opportunities which are in front of them.

At the network, we’re passionate about helping colleagues grow professionally and personally; whether it’s through learning new skills, building a network or mapping out a career path. National Careers Week 2019 is the perfect time to really focus on what can be done to really take control of your career path and there are many ways we’re helping people to do this.

Throughout the year, there is a whole range of networking and business spotlight events, so colleagues can find out about what’s going on across the bank. Sessions can be online, face-to-face, by phone or webinar so wherever our members may be; they have the flexibility to take part.

I’m particularly proud of the range of activities on offer. In the past year alone the network has hosted well over 100 events which 4000 colleagues took part in. We’ve run skills workshops focussing on topics from leadership to technical knowledge; hosted learning lunches to inspire and motivate people in an informal setting and we’ve given colleagues the chance to talk to senior managers over breakfast to get their career hints and tips.

It’s also important to bring in external views too, we’ve run customer events to bring in their perspective and we’ve partnered with organisations like FinTech companies so our members can network with them too.


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