Don't act your size: technologies that level the playing field

Don't act your size: technologies that level the playing field

Following this year’s NatWest Technology Conference, Neil Bellamy, Head of Technology, Media and Telecoms at NatWest, looks at the opportunities for businesses in the technology space.

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Neil Bellamy
NatWest Head of Technology, Media and Telecoms  

22 March 2016

The focus of this year's NatWest Technology Conference was on how disruptive technologies are levelling the playing field for companies.


For the 4th annual NatWest Technology Conference we welcomed experts from Microsoft and Amazon (amongst others), and Kevin Hanley, Director of Design, Services at RBS, to discuss how they believe disruptive technologies will be the catalyst for change.

For the first time in history we're seeing how disruptive technologies are levelling the playing field and allowing smaller companies to step up to their large corporate counterparts.

But the larger corporates aren't sitting back complacently: they're embracing the challenge from their smaller rivals and changing the way they think and how they act.

They too are embracing these new technologies and putting their entrepreneurial hats on – thinking, acting, innovating like their new, smaller competitors.

The UK is renowned for its technology innovation, but when it comes to commercialising their cutting-edge products and services, the companies behind the innovation can face some major challenges.

Many struggle to scale up rapidly enough to capture market share without compromising the company’s innovative capability.

Others find it difficult to compete for specialist technology skills, which are a scarce resource.

However, the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is gaining strength and delivering fresh resources and initiatives to help new tech businesses overcome the challenges, scale up at speed and exploit commercial opportunities to secure revenue.

Whatever their size, technology businesses in the UK have a huge opportunity to embrace innovation and entrepreneurial advancement.

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