Reducing our environmental impact

Reducing our environmental impact

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our services, and helping our customers do the same.

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09 October 2015


We have exceeded the stringent targets for energy, water and waste reduction that we set in 2011/2012. Our recycling target was particularly ambitious, and we missed it by just 2%. We are also well on track to meet our paper and travel targets by 2020.

In 2014 we reviewed our information gathering to make sure we compare like-for-like data each year. We also contribute to the Carbon Disclosure Project, and other external indices.

Here’s how we performed against our targets:

Energy consumption

Target:     15%
Achieved: 16%

How we've done it: automated building controls, employee engagement, renewable energy projects.

100% of our UK electricity use (and 63% worldwide) now comes from renewable sources. We're also working with the 2degrees community to test exciting new low-carbon technologies in RBS premises. These pilot installations began in late 2014.



Target:     12%
Achieved: 17% 

How we've done it: repairing and replacing fittings, detecting and fixing leaks, installing waterless urinals.


Paper use

Target: 50% reduction in volume by 2020
Already achieved: 47%

How we've done it: reducing paper use in marketing materials and offices, moving 65,000 payslips online.


Waste reduction

Target:     10%
Achieved: 16%

How we've done it: installing hand dryers reduced paper towel waste by 14.6 tonnes (1.72 million bags of rubbish) on one site alone.



Target:     70%
Achieved: 68%

How we've done it: diverting 6.42 million bags from landfill. 



Target: 50% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2020
Already achieved: 30%

How we've done it: changing business practices and introducing audio and webinar systems.

View our environmental impacts table. 


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