4 memorable moments from the NatWest Huddersfield documentary

4 memorable moments from the NatWest Huddersfield documentary

Just over a month after the first episode of the NatWest documentary aired we take a look at some of the memorable moments from the series.

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11 August 2015

The NatWest Huddersfield branch has been the focus of a three part documentary series.


1. Acting Branch Manager Claire Blakey hitting the branch customer service target at the end of episode one


After discovering the branch had missed the target by 0.2% we found out that the branch hit their target the following month.  


2. Branch Manager Claire Atkinson returns to work following maternity leave


Claire made an emotional return to work in the third episode but quickly got on with the job in hand; being the best bank possible for all customers.


3. Staff save a customer money through a consolidation loan

In the documentary we saw NatWest staff members saving customers money by consolidating their debt. The above video shows the staff sharing stories about other occasions they've helped customers this way. 

4. Customer Service adviser Jill supports a customer recently diagnosed with cancer


Adviser Jill Ramsden supported a customer recently disgnosed with cancer by adding his wife to all of his accounts. They requested this so that if the worst happened, his wife would be able to access their accounts. The moment was made more touching when Jill shared a story of her own.

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