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Beyond the day job

Armed Forces Day is Saturday 27 June and NatWest is one of the major sponsors. On the day the country shows support for our Armed Forces we hear from employees who are also military reserves.

Soldiers at armed forces day parade

NatWest have sponsored a number of events over the course of Armed Forces Week.

David Miller

105 Artillery Regiment

I joined the Reserves in 2012. Military training can be quite a jump for people who come from an office job, as they suddenly have someone screaming in their face and telling them what to do!

The experience I've gained as a Reserve has helped develop skills that have made a difference at work, as well as outside of it. I’ve found presentations difficult in the past, but you’re forced to get over that quickly in the army, as you’re required to do it regularly. Last year, for example, I even gave a presentation to the Scottish Government. It’s given me a lot of confidence.

Next week at RBS we have our quarterly team meeting, and as part of that day I’ll be using some of the ideas from my reserve training to set tasks to encourage members of our team to work together to solve problems.

Amanda Curtis

RAF Volunteer Reserve (Training)

I’m Lead Customer Experience Coach at RBS, supporting the Group’s senior leaders, and I’m also a Reserve Officer in the Royal Air Force. These roles complement each other beautifully. Every day at work my understanding of military and theory based leadership help me to better coach the leaders within the business I support. Equally, those same leaders create opportunities for me to observe & learn more about leadership.

My role as an instructor and Flight Commander is exceptionally rewarding.  I’m deploying to Ghana soon to undertake a leadership course at the Ghanaian Special Forces Jungle Warfare School, followed by a community development project in one of the remote villages. As well as giving me a wealth of exciting life experiences, I feel that the training and skills I have gained as an RAF Officer helps me to evaluate situations, make decisions and think on my feet.

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We’re now NatWest Group

Come and visit us for all our latest news, insights and everything NatWest Group.

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