Guest blog: Accounting for entrepreneurs

Guest blog: Accounting for entrepreneurs

Bivek Sharma, Head of KPMG Small Business Accounting, outlines his top tips as the future of accounting moves towards automated online accounting software.

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Bivek Sharma
Head of KPMG Small Business Accounting

KPMG has committed to providing 1000 hours of support every month over the next three years as Entrepreneurial Spark powered by NatWest continues its expansion.


2. Understanding where your money is going


3. Dealing with the taxman


4. Time! No more evening and weekends spent poring over invoices and expenses...

Having a solid financial infrastructure in place has never been more important. Whether you’re looking for investment, need management information to understand how your business is performing or simply want to reduce your time spent on admin tasks, having accurate real-time accounting information is vital.

1. Access to funding

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