5 tips to improve your financial health in 2015

5 tips to improve your financial health in 2015

Following our recent blog, our RBS Consumer and Community Affairs team have made a list of the top tips for managing your finances well in 2015.

Supporting individuals

03 February 2015

RBS and NatWest have long supported the debt and money advice sector.


1. Carry out a financial health check 


Why not carry out a financial health check with the Money Advice Service? This will help you establish what your financial priorities are.


2. Ask for a customer service review


You could also contact your bank for a customer service review. Our staff are able to talk through the products and services we offer.


3. Address any debt problems 


Address any debt problems you might have. Contact your bank, or seek independent advice from one of the organisations RBS support:


4. Start saving for a rainy day


Start saving for a rainy day. If you have a NatWest or RBS savings account you can use our NatWest and RBS Savings tool. The tool lets you set goals and manage your progress towards your target.


5. Think long term


Think about how your life might change in 2015 or even in the coming years. You can use our NatWest and RBS Life Moments Websites to help you plan for any changes coming up. 




This article is for media use only and is not a financial promotion.

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