BBC's behind the scenes look at NatWest Huddersfield

BBC's behind the scenes look at NatWest Huddersfield

The Huddersfield branch of NatWest is under the spotlight as a BBC film crew takes a look behind the scenes to explore how a high street bank works and the stories of its staff and customers.

The three part series, being developed by The Garden productions (makers of 24 Hours in A&E, Inside Claridges and The Motorway: Life in the Fast Lane) will air on BBC TWO in 2015 and will focus on the lives of customers and branch staff in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

The series will look at our relationship with money and how banks are at the centre of that relationship. Filming is now well underway but there is still time for customers to find out more or take part if they would like to.

The production team in Huddersfield, led by series director, Heenan Bhatti, are keen to hear from NatWest customers in the area who would like to take part in the show. The team want to hear from people regardless of their particular circumstances whether it’s looking for a mortgage or finance to make a big purchase,  running a business or charity or simply people who are looking for advice on how to better manage their finances.

Whatever you’ve got to say, if you’re based in the Huddersfield area and would be happy to speak to the BBC team, you can contact them on 07804 850 864 or

It was strange at first to wake up every morning and realise you are going to be on TV but everybody got used to it very quickly.
Claire Blakey, Deputy Branch Manager

Zac Beattie, Executive Producer at The Garden productions said: "It's very exciting to have been granted access to a branch of NatWest bank. It’s a first for a television documentary. But just as important as the staff, are of course the stories of the customers. Whatever their views and whatever part money plays in their life at this moment in time -  from buying a dream home, juggling debt or just about getting by from week-to-week. Anything they’ve got to say just helps to show what an important part money plays in most people’s lives."

Claire Blakey, Deputy Branch Manager at NatWest Huddersfield said: “We were really excited to let the cameras into our branch. It was strange at first to wake up every morning and realise you are going to be on TV but everybody got used to it very quickly. We are very proud that NatWest here in Huddersfield  was chosen  for the programme and  that the film crew is getting a really close look into the everyday lives of our branch and our customers."

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