Postcode lending data - RBS

Postcode lending data - RBS

Lending data published today shows that RBS is a major supporter of the British economy, lending a total of £138bn in mortgages to homebuyers, personal loans to individual customers and business loans to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

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11 July 2014

£138bn in mortgages to homebuyers, personal loans to individual customers and business loans

The detailed local lending data, which forms part of a joint data reporting exercise with the British Bankers’ Association, Council of Mortgage Lenders and other major UK banks, gives a snapshot of lending balances in 120 postcode areas across Great Britain and over 9,000 postcode sectors at the end of December 2013.

This joint data reporting exercise is intended to provide greater transparency and help deliver a rich picture of the borrowing landscape across the country. Our drive for transparency is balanced with ensuring our customers’ confidentiality. Therefore, along with other banks, we have withheld postcode sector data which would risk disclosure of any individual customer’s borrowing.

RBS is the largest lender to SME customers

RBS is the largest SME lender in Great Britain with over £33 billion of lending. We support SMEs across the country with substantial amounts of lending in every one of the 120 postcode areas. SME borrowing across Great Britain broadly reflects the distribution of economic or business activity across the country.


The Excel files below provide detailed postcode area and postcode sector by each of the lending streams for RBS and NatWest at the end of December 2013. The Excel files also provide an explanation of what the data represents and how to interpret it:


Helping homebuyers across the country

RBS is committed to supporting customers in buying their first home, moving to a bigger home as their families grow and saving money on their mortgages. We helped our customers with almost £99 billion of mortgage lending across Great Britain at the end of December 2013. 

We support homebuyers and homeowners with mortgage lending in all 120 postcode area geographies. The distribution of our mortgage lending across the country broadly reflects the distribution of population and housing stock.

Providing personal loans to meet our customers needs

RBS provides almost £6 billion of loans to personal customers. This lending typically represents smaller unsecured loans with an average size of around £8,000. We provide personal loans to customers in all of the UK’s 120 postcode area geographies.

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