Sustainability review: making banking easy for customers

Sustainability review: making banking easy for customers

Ben and Joseph Harrison have learned about saving the fun way by playing with the RBS and NatWest children’s savings app, Pigby’s Fair.

Pigby’s Fair helps children learn about savings through a game set in an animated 3D fairground

Accessible banking

Launched in February, the free app has already been downloaded more than 4,000 times onto mobiles and tablets.

But children are not the only customers to benefit from free apps and online tools offered by RBS.

The bank was the first in the UK to provide mobile banking to both retail and business customers, and more than half of RBS personal banking customers use the bank’s online and mobile banking services regularly. RBS and NatWest expect more than 4 million customers to use their mobile apps by the end of 2014.

Savings and mortgage tools

RBS also offers a wide range of online tools, from savings and budgeting tools to one which helps prospective buyers work out in which area of London they should - or could - buy a home.

The Sustainability Review contains more information about accessible banking (link to page here please).

To find out more about the tools and apps visit:

Joseph, aged 11, says: “The app has cute graphics, and I like the music. It helped me understand better how to save, what is needed to run a business, and why adults find it difficult sometimes to spend and save.”

Ben, aged seven, did even better at reaching his savings targets than his older brother. He says: “I liked the game - it helped me know how to save money and what I can spend things on.”

Pigby’s Fair is one of several free apps and online tools developed by RBS to help customers learn about and improve their finances.

Learning to save the fun way

Produced and designed by the makers of Wallace and Gromit - Aardman Animations – Pigby’s Fair aims to help children learn about saving money through a fun 3D game set in an animated 3D fairground.

Pigby takes the role of  showing players around the fair as well as encouraging players to set up savings goals.  The player gets to get run their own stall at the fair – getting creative to make stock to sell to all to the fair’s visitors. They then have to choose whether to spend their earnings on making more stock, playing attractions such as Crockery Smash or Zap, or saving into the bank. Only by saving well does the player get to unlock the bigger and better stalls and games.

Pigby’s friends also feature and the players can visit their stalls and check up on how they are doing against their savings goal.

Download Pigby's Fair in the Google Play or iTunes stores.

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