Holiday spending tool helps customers' money go further

Holiday spending tool helps customers' money go further

Siem Reap is possibly the place to go if you want to make your holiday money stretch further, according to a new app developed by NatWest.

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07 February 2014

Compare prices of items in London to other cities using the Holiday Spending Calculator

The Holiday Spending Calculator enables customers to check out how much different items cost in major cities around the world, including London.

Want to know how much a beer costs in Buenos Aires is, or how much you can expect to pay for a meal for two in Marrakech? Simply choose an item from a list – ranging from more expensive items like hotels and theatre tickets, to everyday staples like bread, toothpaste and bottled water – then click on a city to see how much it costs and how it ranks compared to other destinations.

You can also view a list of prices for all the items in a particular city. This can be used to choose where you go on holiday based on how much money you have to spend, or, if you have already booked your destination, help you decide how much spending money to take.

Cheapest for beer and Big Macs

Siem Reap in Cambodia is the cheapest city included on the calculator for six of the 18 items on the list, including domestic beer, trainers, Levi 501 jeans, cinema tickets and a Big Mac meal.

Holidaymakers looking for good value wine should head to Buenos Aires in Argentina or Cape Town in South Africa, while those looking or a reasonably priced and delicious meal might prefer Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.

However accommodation is usually the most expensive part of a holiday: the cheapest place to stay is Chiang Mai, Thailand, where a room in a 3 star hotel will cost just £15 a night.



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