RBS Global Hub Europe

RBS Global Hub Europe

RBS in Poland operates through two main entities: RBS Bank providing corporate banking services for local corporate and international clients and RBS Global Hub Europe (RGHE).


About RBS Global Hub Europe

RBS Global Hub Europe is a global centre of excellence for the RBS Group.

RGHE was established in Feb 2007 as a complementary global shared services location to that which was already established in India.

RGHE is well positioned to deliver efficiencies for the Group through the provision of complex, multi-lingual services in a high quality, cost effective manner. Through the creation of large scale service delivery teams in a single location, the Group achieves increases in efficiency, agility and risk management.

The service delivery teams in RGHE are designed to achieve economies of scale, standardisation of processing and volume insensitivity. Standardised, shared processing for multiple locations across the Group means that change need only be delivered once in RGHE for the benefit to be felt in all locations served whether that change relates to process efficiency or management of risk. This results in greater agility, consistency of risk management, reduction of management overhead and cost avoidance.


Our position in the Group

With around 1500 employees, RGHE supports 40 countries worldwide, covering areas including Operations, Finance, Technology and Security. The mixture of geographies and stakeholders results in there being few areas of the Group that are not directly or indirectly served by the activities of RGHE.


Our employees

Our dynamic, fast-paced business provides an opportunity to work across various cultures in an international arena and is rich in opportunities for development. Our employees have access to technical and soft skills training and career development prospects, excellent employment conditions, including medical coverage, attractive social package and opportunity to participate in various international projects and secondments. In the Hub we have very active RBS Running, Football and Volleyball teams. Apart from sporting activities our people are involved in many community investment initiatives and provide support to a variety of different charity initiatives and good causes.

RBS Global Hub Europe continues to grow so we are looking for people who are ambitious, dynamic and are open to the professional challenges of working in a global banking organisation.


Would you like to join us?

If you would like to find out more about job opportunities currently available please visit jobs.rbs.com

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