Building a purpose-led bank

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Building a purpose-led bank

Enterprise Learning Climate

Building a purpose-led bank

Our purpose will create longer-term, deeper relationships with our customers – when our customers succeed, our communities succeed, our economy thrives – and we succeed as a result.

We are putting purpose at the core of everything we do – doing so will create a sustainable and resilient long-term future. We won’t get everything right straight away – this is the start of a longer journey and we’re committed to moving the whole organisation forward in this way.


CEO Alison Rose explains why RBS is building a purpose-led bank:

“Today marks the start of a new era for our bank as we announce our new purpose - to champion potential, helping people, families and businesses to thrive.

“The way people live their lives has changed. And their expectations of companies are changing too; looking for us to deliver not only financial performance but a positive contribution to society; benefitting customers and communities as well as shareholders. The future of this bank depends on us successfully delivering on both.

“I am hugely excited about the opportunities that lie ahead of us.”

Read CEO's letter to shareholders


What we’ll do

We have identified three areas of focus where we can make a substantial impact in addressing challenges that threaten to hold people, families and businesses back:

• Enterprise, and the barriers that too many face to starting a business;

Learning, and what we can do to improve financial capability and confidence for our customers, as well as establishing a dynamic learning culture for our employees; and

Climate, and the role we can play in accelerating the transition to a low carbon economy.

How we’ll do it

Enterprise Learning Climate

We will be a safe, simple and smart bank with purpose at its heart. We will create lasting value when we champion the potential of those we serve. That is our purpose and our strategy.

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