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Our long-term targets

Building the best bank for customers in the UK and Republic of Ireland

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Our brands are our main connection with customers. Each takes a clear and differentiated position with the aim of helping usstrengthen our relationship with them. For this reason we track customer advocacy for our key brands using the net-promoter score (NPS) – a commonly-used metric in banking and other industries across the world.

We know that we still have much to do. Our recent programme of branch closures has had a detrimental impact on NPS, particularly for the Royal Bank of Scotland. Scores here are recovering in Personal Banking, and we are optimistic the same will happen in Business Banking. We are determined to make a difference with the things that matter most to our customers.

We are fixing our core processes to get our service right first time more consistently while at the same time innovating to deliver better solutions.

The tables below show NPS and Trust scores for our key brands.


We also use independent experts to measure our customers’ trust in the bank. Each quarter we ask customers to what extent they trust or distrust their bank to do the right thing. The score is a net measure of those customers that trust their bank (a lot or somewhat) minus those that distrust their bank (a lot or somewhat).

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