How to make an appeal

How to make an appeal

The Independent Third Party plays a dual role:

(1) provides assurance that the process and methodology for the complaints review are appropriate and provides a framework that enables a thorough and robust assessment of complaints both at the outset and on an ongoing basis;

(2) operate the Independent Third Party appeals process. This will include:

•where a customer appeals a decision made in the bank’s complaints review, assessing RBS’s actions that are the subject of the complaint having regard to certain standards

•where the Independent Third Party decides it is appropriate, assessing and awarding compensation for direct loss, and

•preparing a record of their decision in a short summary document and providing this to RBS and the customer.


As a function of his role, the ITP produces a quarterly report on both the assurance of the GRG Complaints Process, and the progress made in assessing Appeals. The bank has received Sir William’s second quarterly report of 2019, which can be read below:


If customers are unhappy with the outcome of their Complaint (or any part of it), they are able to ask the Independent Third Party, Sir William Blackburne, to reconsider their complaint (or any part of it). This is referred to as their Appeal. The Independent Third Party (ITP) or a delegate appointed by him will reach his own conclusion on their Appeal, and any decision made by him will be binding on RBS. Further guidance can be read in the below.

ITP Appeals FAQs [PDF 228KB]
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