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George Moger & Sons

£5 note of Bath City Bank, 1855. © RBS 2013.


George Moger & Sons (1815-91), established in Bath, was a past constituent of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group.


Brief history

This private bank was established in Union Street, Bath, in 1815 as Dore, Smith, Moger & Evans; it was also known as Bath City Bank. The bank briefly stopped payment in 1825. In 1891, when known as George Moger & Sons, the bank amalgamated with Prescott, Dimsdale, Cave, Tugwell & Co Ltd.

Detailed list of name changes

  • Dore, Smith, Moger & Evans from 1815
  • Smith & Moger in 1822
  • Smith, Moger & Evans in 1825
  • Moger & Son in 1834
  • Alfred George Moger & George Horace Moger by 1888
  • George Moger & Son in 1891

Also known as Bath City Bank.


Summary of our archive holdings

Our archival records of George Moger & Sons have the reference code MOG.

For help understanding words used here, check our glossary of banking record types (PDF 24KB).

  • cheques 1827, c.1891
  • banknote 1855
  • amalgamation agreement 1891
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