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  • For better, for worse off - Economics Weekly

    • Interest rates
    • Economic Analysis
    16 January 2017
    Crowd in street Rising inequality has been blamed for everything from slow growth to political earthquakes last year, but on at least one sensible measure income inequality in the UK is substantially lower than it was before the recession.
  • Clean sweep - Economics Weekly

    • Manufacturing
    • Exports
    • Investment
    • Economic Analysis
    9 January 2017
    Blue sky December's data indicates a clean sweep of good growth across UK, Europe and US. 2016 went out with a bang.
  • The comeback kid? - Economics Weekly

    • Manufacturing
    • Economic Analysis
    • Services sector
    12 December 2016
    2017 looks like it’s the year for inflation to make a comeback. Will it be a flash then fade? Or something more that requires a bit of policy action? We bet the former.
  • Contagion - Economics Weekly

    • Economic Analysis
    5 December 2016
    world map Italy's banking sector problems, building financial risks facing the UK and the prospect of higher rates in the US. The year may be drawing to a close but there will be plenty to keep minds focused in 2017.
  • Shock therapy - Economics Weekly

    • Economic Analysis
    28 November 2016
    road An extension to budget deficit reduction amidst weaker productivity growth and some measures to fix the latter - it feels like Budgets and Autumn Statements have always been thus. Last week was no different and changing the narrative is tricky. Therapy for productivity is key. It just may need to be more of the 'shock' variety.
  • No time to rest - Economics Weekly

    • Economic Analysis
    21 November 2016
    Unemployment may be low and job growth robust, but it's not time to rest. The UK's productivity performance is screaming for more investment. So it's encouraging that more spending on infrastructure and R&D look to be key planks of the government's 'industrial strategy'.
  • North East leading the way in jobs growth

    • UK
    • NatWest
    • Economic Analysis
    • North
    17 November 2016
    The North East has taken top spot in the latest NatWest Regional Economic Tracker, having seen the highest rate of job growth in the UK over the past year.