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  • NatWest supports new campaign to tackle scams

    • NatWest
    • Fraud
    • Financial Education
    • Supporting individuals
    National Trading Standards’ ‘Friends Against Scams’ campaign aims to help people identify, change perceptions and prevent people falling victim to scams.

Latest news and opinion

  • Royal Bank of Scotland’s first polymer note enters circulation today

    • Our news
    • Scotland
    • The Royal Bank of Scotland
    27 October 2016
    Front of new £5 note Royal Bank of Scotland issues its first polymer note on Thursday October 27th.
  • Isle of Man Bank – Understanding our brands

    • Isle of Man Bank
    • Our news
    25 October 2016
    Isle of Man Bank banknote 'Understanding our brands’ is a series of articles providing an overview of each of our brands. Here we look at Isle of Man Bank, which has a colourful history of more than 150 years of community banking.
  • Manufacturing report calls for new industrial strategy

    • Manufacturing
    • NatWest
    • Supporting small businesses
    24 October 2016
    Report says complacency is not an option and the Government must swiftly implement its new industrial strategy in order to support manufacturers’ ambitious growth plans.
  • Bubbling - Economics Weekly

    • Interest rates
    • Economic Analysis
    24 October 2016
    inflation graph For now low inflation is propelling real income gains. That looks set to change over the course of the next year.
  • Skills and Opportunities Fund public vote now open

    • Sustainability
    • Charity
    • Supporting communities
    21 October 2016
    The public vote to decide which organisations will be awarded money from the second round of the Skills and Opportunities Fund in 2016 is now open.
  • NatWest boosts connections for small businesses

    • Supporting small businesses
    • Innovation
    • Business banking
    19 October 2016
    Boost event in London NatWest has launched ‘Boost’, a free programme aimed at driving small business growth by establishing connections between businesses and offering access to experts and resources.
  • Ulster Bank – Understanding our brands

    • Ulster Bank
    • Our news
    18 October 2016
    cupcake shop 'Understanding our brands’ is a series of articles providing an overview of each of our brands. Here we look at Ulster Bank, the bank that supports personal, small business, private and commercial customers both in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.
  • Bad habit - Economics Weekly

    • Economic Analysis
    • Interest rates
    • Mortgages
    17 October 2016
    housing Just when you think it's cooling, it comes back again. The housing market seems to be regaining a bit of momentum. But it's not surprising. The UK won't break its bad habit of not building enough houses. It would do the economy the world of good if it did.
  • NatWest customers share £90m rewards from their current accounts

    • Personal banking
    • Supporting individuals
    14 October 2016
    woman shopping NatWest customers have earned almost £90m from their current accounts in the last year.
  • Holt’s Military Bank launches first Holt’s branded debit card

    • Holt’s Military Bank
    • Personal banking
    • Awards
    • Supporting individuals
    13 October 2016
    Holt's Visa Debit card Holt’s Military Bank launches brand new Visa Debit Card for military and ex-military personnel.

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