Media FAQs

What services does the RBS media relations team provide?

The RBS media relations team handles media enquiries on RBS issues, including annual results, interim management statements, corporate announcements, board and senior management appointments, and related issues.

We are a large and diverse group of international businesses, many of which have their own dedicated press teams who can quickly help with specific country, product and other press enquiries. Please check the media contacts page to find the right person to speak to.

What is the most efficient way to get my media enquiry answered?

First check our website to determine which business area your query concerns, then get in touch by email, or by phone with the relevant media relations manager.

I am not a journalist but I do have a question about customer service, marketing or another aspect of RBS business. Whom should I call?

Unfortunately, the RBS media relations team can only answer queries from accredited members of the media.

If you have concerns about any aspect of our service in the UK please first contact your local branch.

If you still have concerns please contact our Customer Relations Unit on:

  • +44 800 015 5035 if you are a The Royal Bank of Scotland customer, or
  • +44 800 015 4212 if you are a NatWest customer.

For other or general enquiries, please call our switchboard at RBS Headquarters in Edinburgh on +44 131 556 8555.

How do I get hold of your annual report, interim management statements or corporate announcements?

All corporate announcements, our annual report, interim management statements and other relevant materials can be found in the Investors section of our website.

How do I get onto your press release distribution list?

Please email the RBS media relations team specifying your areas of interest and we will add your name to relevant lists. Please note though that we issue many press releases in many locations worldwide, so please be as specific as possible in your request.

I would like to reproduce a copy of a bank note for publishing purposes. How do I go about this?

Anyone wishing to reproduce banknotes of the Royal Bank of Scotland should, before implementing the reproduction of such notes, apply for consent by completing and submitting by post an official Banknote Reproduction Application Form. You can find further information and guidelines on-line.

I need an RBS logo or picture for my article.

If you require a logo, please email the RBS media relations team with details of why you need it. We will consider your request and send you the logo and conditions of use.

Can your media teams provide case studies?

We have over 30 million customers and 150,000 staff, making our media relations team well placed to find journalists interesting testimonials. If you are a journalist and require a case study, please email the RBS media relations team.