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National Curriculum

The Darien Adventure

Herman Moll’s map of the Scots settlement in America, 1699 © Trustees of the National Library of Scotland 2010

History, Key Stage 3

Why did the attempt to establish a Scots trading colony at Darien in Central America during the 1690s fail and was its failure the reason why Scotland accepted the Act of Union in 1707?

  • study an appropriate historical event
  • adopt methods of historical enquiry
  • use historical documents to develop knowledge of the political and economic past

1745: John Campbell and the Jacobite occupation of Edinburgh

History, Key Stage 3

Who were the Jacobites and what was it like to live through their occupation of Edinburgh in 1745?

  • use an eyewitness account to tell the story of an important historical event
  • study cause and effect, time and historical sequence and the nature of historical evidence
  • develop skills in carrying out historical enquiry and interpretation