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Curriculum for Excellence

The Darien Adventure

Herman Moll’s map of the Scots settlement in America, 1699 © Trustees of the National Library of Scotland 2010

Social Studies, Second and Third Levels

Why did the attempt to establish a Scots trading colony at Darien in Central America during the 1690s fail and was its failure the reason why Scotland accepted the Act of Union in 1707?

  • study an appropriate historical event
  • adopt methods of historical enquiry
  • use historical documents to develop knowledge of the political and economic past
  • resource available in Gaelic

1745: John Campbell and the Jacobite occupation of Edinburgh

Social Studies, Second and Third Levels

Who were the Jacobites and what was it like to live through their occupation of Edinburgh in 1745?

  • use an eyewitness account to tell the story of an important historical event
  • study cause and effect, time and historical sequence and the nature of historical evidence
  • develop skills in carrying out historical enquiry and interpretation

Georgian New Town – an Edinburgh case study

Social Studies, Second and Third Levels

Edinburgh played an important role in the social, economic and political history of Scotland. Many of the trends discernible in the growth of Edinburgh in the eighteenth century, particularly the building of the New Town from 1766 onwards, are mirrored by developments elsewhere in Britain.

  • use archive documents, maps, paintings and books as sources of evidence
  • synthesise information from different sources into a single and coherent account
  • evaluate the reliability of sources