Our long-term targets

RBS remains committed to achieving its target of being number one bank for customer service, trust and advocacy by 2020.

We use independent surveys to measure our customers’ experience and track our progress against our goal in each of our markets.

Customer Trust

We also use independent experts to measure our customers’ trust in the bank. Each quarter we ask customers to what extent they trust or distrust their bank to do the right thing. The score is a net measure of those customers that trust their bank (a lot or somewhat) minus those that distrust their bank (a lot or somewhat).

Customer trust in NatWest in England & Wales has grown year on year (48% in Q1 2016 vs. 55% in Q1 2017). Trust in RBS in Scotland has also grown annually (21% in Q1 2016 vs. 28% in Q1 2017).

    Q1 2016 Q4 2016 Q1 2017 Year end
2017 target
Customer Trust (1) NatWest (England & Wales)  48% 55% 55% 57%
RBS (Scotland) 21% 13% 28% 38%


(1) Source: Populus Public Reputation Tracking. Latest base sizes: NatWest (England & Wales) (959) Royal Bank of Scotland (Scotland) (182). Based on the question: "Thinking about [brand] how much you trust it to do the right thing?”. Scores reported are net trust minus distrust.