CEO and Board

The company is governed by a framework of Boards and committees. Find out who sits on each board or committee, personal biographies and terms of references.

Read the biographies of RBS Chief Executive Ross McEwan and Chairman Howard Davies.

Group Board

Collectively responsible for the long-term success of RBS and delivery of sustainable shareholder value. Its role is to provide leadership of RBS within a framework of prudent and effective controls which enables risk to be assessed and managed.

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Executive Committee

Supports the Chief Executive in managing RBS’s businesses. It reviews and debates relevant items before consideration by the Board. It is responsible for developing and delivering the strategy and priorities approved by the Board. It monitors performance against key financial objectives, and manages or oversees asset and liability management, capital allocations, risk, disclosure issues, investments, acquisitions and disposals, operational issues, customer issues and succession planning. The Executive Committee actively promotes the Bank's culture and values.

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Board Risk Committee

Provides oversight and advice to the Board in relation to current and potential future risk exposures of RBS, future risk strategy, risk appetite and tolerance. It is also responsible for promoting a risk awareness culture within RBS.

See Board Risk Committee

Group Performance and Remuneration Committee

Overview of the RBS remuneration policy and the directors’ remuneration policy, ensuring that arrangements are designed to promote the long term success of the Bank.

See Group Performance and Remuneration Committee

Group Nominations and Governance Committee

Monitors the Group’s governance arrangements and assists the Board in the formal selection and appointment of directors. It reviews the structure, size and composition of the Board, and membership and chairmanship of Board committees.

See Group Nominations and Governance Committee

Sustainable Banking Committee

Supports the Board in overseeing, supporting and challenging actions being taken by management to run the bank as a sustainable business, capable of generating long term value for its stakeholders.

See Sustainable Banking Committee

Group Audit Committee

Assists the Board in discharging its responsibilities in relation to the disclosure of the financial affairs of RBS.

See Group Audit Committee